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  • Polaris 9300
  • Tiger Shark
  • Polaris 3900

Polaris 9300 Pool CleanrerThe new Polaris 9300 Sport Premium In ground Robotic pool cleaner combines innovative engineering and computerized intelligence to create a pool cleaner you'll truly appreciate for years to come. The Polaris 9300 Sport features Vortex Vacuum Technology for picking up larger debris quickly, while still maintaining maximum suction. And the large capacity filter canister eliminates the need for messy bags. The powerful rear water propulsion system allows this agile cleaner to easily navigate under stairs and in tight corners. Includes a heavy gauge powder-coated alloy caddy and filter cartridges. Comes with 60' of cord.

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Tiger SharkThe Excalibur of pool cleaners Aqua Vac, the company chosen for the past six Olympic Games, is proud to offer the most advanced portable pool cleaner made for those who insist upon the very best. The Tiger shark automatic pool cleaner calculates the size and shape of your pool and programs itself into the most time and energy efficient pattern for a spotless pool. Tiger shark's powerful on-board pump sucks up dirt and debris while roving the bottom, walls, inclines and steps for a pool that sparkles rim to rim! Tigers hark pool cleaners are the first portable robot pool cleaners to feature an easy clean reinforced cartridge filter.

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Polaris 3900The Polaris 3900 Sport Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner brings new performance and convenience to cleaning your pool! Its superior torque transfer provides for more aggressive wall climbing and 50% more torque. Polaris 3900 Sport Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner easily getting out of corners and other tight areas. The powerful 3-jet Venturi system creates an additional 40 GPM of filtration. And the extra large (5 liter) filter bag means maintenance is quick, easy and much less frequent. And it's sleek, sporty body design sets a new standard for automatic pool cleaners.

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